material collapse in preheater

The collapse of preheater is a common problem in the actual production of kiln system. It not only affects the thermal efficiency of the firing system and the operation rate of the kiln, but also results in the blockage of the precalciner system or the tempering of the kiln head, resulting in personal injury accidents. […]

intelligent laboratory

At present, the global new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are accelerating the evolution, and the manufacturing industry is increasingly showing the trend of digitization, networking and intelligence. As a traditional manufacturing industry, the intelligent innovation and integration of cement industry has opened a green transformation road from resource consumption to […]

1. Particle size According to the particle size requirements of active lime, for the calcination process of rotary kiln, it is to ensure that the calcination process of rotary kiln can avoid under burning or over burning due to uneven particle size of limestone, excessive grade difference and uneven heating. To prevent the limestone from […]

In order to continuously increase the quantity of municipal solid waste, incineration technology has been widely used in domestic waste treatment. China’s relevant documents clearly stipulate that the incineration slag is treated with general solid waste, and the comprehensive utilization standard of such waste is clarified. Various resource utilization technologies are increasingly mature, which brings […]

The burning out rate of waste in the calciner will affect its final effect on reducing coal consumption. What factors will affect the burn out rate of waste in the calciner? The burnout rate of waste in the calciner can be simplified as the reaction degree of a solid substance in a certain volume container […]

cement kiln waste disposal

It is an important direction for the development of cement industry in China in recent years and in the future. At present, there are more than 160 cement kiln waste disposal production lines in China, including 60 domestic waste disposal lines with an annual disposal capacity of 7 million tons, more than 40 sludge collaborative […]

Cooling Tower

Why is the shape of the cooling tower so designed and what are the advantages? This question is actually very easy to confuse people, because various factors are intertwined, in fact, there are several different problems in the middle: First. The earliest cooling towers had various shapes, such as straight cylinders and octagonal cylinders; Second. […]

waste incineration

For a long time, the income from power generation has been the main income of enterprises in the waste incineration field. Among them, the payers of power generation revenue are mainly the two power grid companies. Among the fees paid, part of the cost is paid by the power grid company with reference to the […]

sludge new technology

To solve the sludge problem, it is the consensus of the industry to “dispose” and decide “treatment”. Drawing on international experience, there are four main paths for the technical development of sludge treatment and disposal in the future: (1) Anaerobic digestion technology route based on biogas energy recovery and land utilization It is generally believed […]