Introduction With the development of industrial production, the quantity of industrial waste is increasing day by day. In particular, metallurgy, thermal power generation and other industries have the largest emissions. The amount of industrial waste is huge, the variety is various, the composition is complex, and the treatment is very difficult. Today, only a limited […]

sludge disposal

1. The sludge disposal plan determines the sludge disposal cost Nowadays, China’s sludge disposal program tends to be sludge resource utilization, and sludge composting, sludge incineration heating power generation, sludge brick making, and cement making are the mainstream. At the time of the sludge disposal plan, the approximate sludge treatment cost range is basically determined. […]

Sludge expansion

For: long-term low sludge load and insufficient nutrient salt If the degree of expansion has not yet reached a high degree of expansion, adjusting the sludge load and replenishing a sufficient amount of nutrient salt can gradually return the sludge to a normal state. Among them, the adjustment of sludge load should be based on […]

Reason of Sludge expansion

Wastewater quality In the biological treatment of wastewater, the wastewater itself is the medium of microorganisms. Therefore, the relationship between wastewater quality and the physiological activities of microorganisms is very close. From the two types of sludge expansion mentioned above, it is related to the physiological activities of microorganisms. That is, sludge swelling is related […]

Reason of activated sludge expansion

Activated sludge expansion can be divided into: filamentous bacterial sludge expansion caused by excessive proliferation of filamentous bacteria in the sludge and non-filamentous bacterial sludge expansion without the presence of a large number of filamentous bacteria. In fact, more than 90% of sludge expansion is caused by filamentous bacteria, and less than 10% is caused […]

Definition of sludge expansion

1. What is sludge expansion? Sludge expansion refers to the phenomenon that the sludge structure is loose, the volume is increased, the SV value is increased, and it is difficult to settle and separate the water quality. The performance is as follows: the activated sludge suddenly increases in volume, and the structure is loose and […]

Paper making sludge

First, the development trend 1. Preparation of activated carbon The sludge is rich in internal pore structure and is a good material for the preparation of activated carbon. Through the pyrolysis treatment, the sludge can be made into a carbonaceous adsorbent. The carbonaceous adsorbent under this process has lighter texture, more internal pores, strong adsorption […]

Printing and dyeing industrial sewage

According to the National Development and Reform Commission of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Public Security, the National Hazardous Waste List and the Hazardous Waste Identification Standards, which were implemented since August 1, 2016, are combined with the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the Ministry […]

Hazardous waste sludge

Is the sludge hazardous? Many people have such doubts. The following is an explanation of whether the sludge is dangerous or not, for your reference! 1. The public sewage treatment plant used solely for the treatment of urban domestic sewage, the sludge produced by it usually has no dangerous characteristics and can be used as […]