Cement plant construction

  • Production scale

    600 to 8000 TPD

  • Pre-decomposition rate

    Over 95%

  • Annual operating rate

    Over 90%

  • Service

    Complete technical services, including design, procurement, construction, commissioning, etc.

Cement plant construction introduction

Luoyang Building Material and Architectural Design and Research Institute specializes in the design and research of the cement industry. In recent years, it has accumulated a large amount of experience and technology, and continuously develops new solutions. In the cement plant construction process, different conditions for each cement plant are adopted. The measures are also different.

Cement plant construction technology advantage

1、Mature cement plant construction technology advantage to meet the production scale from 600 to 8000 TPD;

2、Advanced pre-decomposition technology, the pre-decomposition rate even more than 95%, has the characteristics of small resistance, high decomposition rate, strong adaptability to fuel, good anticlogging performance, and great operational flexibility;

3、The process design is reasonable and reliable, which has a compact plant layout;

4、Low failure rate, and the annual operation rate of rotary kiln system is over 90%;

5、High automation degree, highly saving operator and cost;

6、High efficiency and energy saving, reduce fuel consumption and reduce production costs;

7、Environmental protection and emission reduction, desulfurization and denitrification, emission targets are far below national standards;

8、Complete technical service, including design, procurement, construction, commissioning and etc.

Process characters

1、High efficiency and low pressure loss optimized 3rd generation precalcining system

Improve the heat transfer effect of the preheater system, reduce the outlet temperature and resistance of the preheater, improve the adaptability of the calciner to coal quality and output, reduce the amount of preheater steel consumption, and reduce the investment.

2、The 4th generation grate cooler with middle rooller crusher

The 4th generation leak-free traveling steady-flow cooler is characterized by high heat recovery efficiency, reliable operation, less wear, easy maintenance, long service life and compact structure. Compared with hammer breaking, the roller breaking arrangement is more flexible, which can support the requirements of waste heat power generation system to the maximum extent, and the clinker temperature of outlet cooler can be greatly reduced.

3、High momentum low volume new type burner

Kiln burner has obvious technical characteristics such as low primary air consumption and high combustion thrust. It strengthens the mixing of pulverized coal and high temperature secondary air. The burner has strong firepower and strong adaptability of fuel coal types. It can reduce the production of NOx in the system.

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