Landscaping waste treatment solutions


Landscaping waste refers to plant residues such as branches, fallen leaves and grass clippings produced during the operation and management of landscaping. That is the litter waste produced by natural regeneration during the growth of green plants or the shrub shrubs (alternate) produced in the process of greening conservation, lawn pruning, derelict grass flowers in gardens and flower beds, and plant waste materials like weeds.


Looking at the history of landscaping waste disposal, it is nothing but incineration and landfill. However, with the development of society, we have found that burning is also one of the causes of smog, and it produces a lot of toxic and harmful substances, which poses a threat to the health of people and other organisms. With the development of modern society and the increase of population, the pressure on landfills is increasing, and the landscaping waste is also prohibited from landfill. Moreover, landscaping waste is used for landfill, which is essentially a waste. So, what should be done with landscaping waste? From the perspective of ecological protection and recycling, it is a good way to turn landscaping waste into treasure, and to fertilize the forest and fertilize the land. After this treatment, not only does it have no environmental pollution, it also consumes resources and converts waste into resources for increasing soil fertility. It is of great significance for maintaining biodiversity, reducing waste, improving soil and improving ecological carrying capacity.

What can we do for you?

LCDRI is seeing the problem. After years of research, it has formed the patented product, biomass gasification and carbonization rotary kiln, which effectively solves the problem of using landscaping waste to generate electricity. LCDRI is seeing the problem. After years of research, it has formed the patented product, biomass gasification and carbonization rotary kiln. LCDRI is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial furnace equipment research and development and biomass gasification carbonization production technology services. The company has a registered capital of 12 million. The R&D and production base is located in Luoyang District, Henan Free Trade Zone, China.

Our institute has the double-level design qualification issued by the Ministry of Construction and has four research and technology research centers in Henan Province of China. Joint research and development, implementation and promotion of Chinese agricultural biomass application technology with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Our institute has won 7 national outstanding outstanding engineering design awards for building materials industry, 5 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, 51 patents have been applied so far, and 33 national patents have been granted. There are five major institutions including R&D center, doctoral workstation, engineering service center, product manufacturing center and market management center. The company’s main business is: soil remediation, sludge treatment, biomass gasification power generation, biomass carbonization, sludge comprehensive treatment. With sincere cooperation, strict working methods, professional technical level, in the field of biomass utilization and agricultural environmental protection, our institute has cooperated with Finland and Russia to provide high-quality biomass gasification power generation products to meet the needs of customers.  With strong technical strength and stable and advanced retorting equipment, our institute cooperates with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to promote the advanced biomass distillation equipment of our institute in the domestic agricultural field in China to build a new socialist countryside and improve the modern technology level of agriculture.