Research and Development

We have continuously broadened our research field and conducted intensive research on the manufacturing and utilization of inorganic non-metallic materials such as special alumina, ceramsite, kaolin calcined, rare earth calcined, activated coal gangue and successfully transplanting the advanced technologies in the cement industry to new fields , Developed a variety of production lines;
In the field of environmental engineering, we have been devoted to the research on advanced technology and equipment in carbonization of sludge, oil and gas sands distillation, soil remediation, desulfurization and denitration of the exhaust gas of cement enterprises, etc., and completed the projects in Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Beijing and Shandong A number of projects total package;
Luoyang Building Material and Architectural Design and Research Institute to develop a new generation of cement clinker production line to co-process municipal solid waste, special cement production line, aggregate crushed aggregate gravel line, nano-level production line of heavy calcium has become the industry leader in the industry;
In recent years, the development of new shale oil separation technology and complete sets of equipment, demonstration shale oil separation project has been successfully put into operation. In the country is still the first column.
Combining with new technology and engineering construction, we have developed low resistance preheater, four-channel gas burner, tailings cooling and drying machine, high efficiency gas-solid separator, biomass carbonization furnace, high efficiency grinding equipment, solid heat carrier distillation Equipment, soil repair complete sets of equipment and other engineering equipment.

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