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Cement kiln collaborative waste disposal: waste feeding mode and influence

It is an important direction for the development of cement industry in China in recent years and in the future. At present, there are more than 160 cement kiln waste disposal production lines in China, including 60 domestic waste disposal lines with an annual disposal capacity of 7 million tons, more than 40 sludge collaborative […]

Why is the “waist” of the cooling tower so thin

Why is the shape of the cooling tower so designed and what are the advantages? This question is actually very easy to confuse people, because various factors are intertwined, in fact, there are several different problems in the middle: First. The earliest cooling towers had various shapes, such as straight cylinders and octagonal cylinders; Second. […]

Great challenges for waste incineration companies

For a long time, the income from power generation has been the main income of enterprises in the waste incineration field. Among them, the payers of power generation revenue are mainly the two power grid companies. Among the fees paid, part of the cost is paid by the power grid company with reference to the […]

Future mainstream technology route for sludge disposal

To solve the sludge problem, it is the consensus of the industry to “dispose” and decide “treatment”. Drawing on international experience, there are four main paths for the technical development of sludge treatment and disposal in the future: (1) Anaerobic digestion technology route based on biogas energy recovery and land utilization It is generally believed […]

Sludge disposal

Sludge disposal refers to the disposal of treated sludge in the natural environment (ground, underground, water) or reuse, which can achieve long-term stability and the ultimate consumption method without adverse effects on the ecological environment. The main sludge disposal methods in my country currently include sanitary landfill, incineration, land utilization, and building materials utilization. In […]

The significance of digitalization for cement plants

In recent years, with the acceleration of domestic manufacturing upgrades, digital factories are quietly changing the traditional manufacturing methods of production, and promoting the development of the manufacturing industry to a high degree of digitalization and intelligence. As a traditional “two high and one capital” (high energy consumption, high pollution, resource consumption) industry, the cement […]

China’s influence in global plastic governance

With the development and progress of society, industry, and technology, after many years of enjoying the benefits of plastic functionality and economy, mankind has now come to the stage of emphasizing higher standards of health, safety and recycling. We have only one earth, and every country and every individual should start from now and from […]

Luoyang Building Material and Architectural Design and Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the “Ant Dream” platform and Guangdong Ant Dream Technology Co., Ltd.

On the morning of September 4, 2020, Luoyang Building Materials Architectural Design and Research Institute and the “Ant Dream” platform and the strategic cooperation signing and licensing ceremony of Guangdong Ant Dream Technology Co., Ltd. were held in Luoyang, Henan. Niu Huamin, Deputy Dean of Luoyang Building Materials Architectural Design and Research Institute, Lin Xunhuang, […]

Suggestions for the Solid Waste Pollution Prevention

1. Based on multiple environmental elements of water, gas, soil, and solid waste, a total element system promotes the prevention and control of solid waste pollution Emphasize “Take waste to treat waste and turn waste into treasure”, from the perspective of “three wastes” coordinated governance, a full-element system promotes the prevention and control of solid […]