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How to make garbage sorting easier

Garbage classification is the development trend of garbage disposal. How to make garbage classification easier, more convenient and executable? This article will answer some of your doubts about garbage classification. 1. When throwing out kitchen waste, should you throw the bag in with the garbage, or just throw it away after puncturing the bag? Regarding […]

Preventive measures for ring formation in rotary kiln

When hazardous waste is incinerated in a rotary kiln incinerator, if the operation is improper in actual operation, it is easy to cause the problem of ring formation in the kiln. When the ring formation is serious, it will cause the gravity load in the kiln to increase, the material will not run smoothly, it […]

Analysis of the causes of ring formation in the rotary kiln incinerator

Due to the stricter domestic environmental protection requirements and the higher and higher disposal costs, the waste sent to the hazardous waste disposal center is generally concentrated as much as possible, resulting in the higher calorific value of such waste, especially solid waste and distillation residue. In most cases, it is between 3,000~5,000Kcal/kg. In order […]

Discrimination of four typical sludge

Is the sludge hazardous waste? Many people have such doubts. Below we introduce the identification of four typical sludges for your reference. (1) Electroplating wastewater and electroplating sludge with excessive heavy metals Electroplating sludge is classified as hazardous waste, and the waste categories often belong to HW17, HW21, HW22, and HW23 at the same time. […]

Development of ceramsite produced by solid waste production

In recent years, China’s ceramsite raw material structure has undergone important changes, the proportion of solid waste ceramsite has increased significantly, and the market share of urban construction waste ceramsite and sludge ceramsite has increased significantly. At present, in addition to the more mature fly ash ceramsite and sludge ceramsite, various other solid wastes such […]

Status and development trend of sludge treatment and disposal

The current status of sludge treatment and disposal in my country is: (1) Reduction aspect The sludge produced by the sewage treatment facilities of each unit is basically dehydrated, but the sludge digestion technology and the remaining sludge reduction technology are rarely used; (2) Stabilization Due to its advantages in nature, scale, technology, economy, etc., […]

Brief Introduction to the Technology of Increasing Production of Preheater

Introduction to the technology of upgrading the production of the preheater of Luoyang Building Material and Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.: 1. Transformation of kiln to increase speed According to the requirement of increasing the output, without changing the diameter and length of the rotary kiln, by increasing the speed of the rotary […]

Little knowledge about inorganic sludge and organic sludge

1. Where does the inorganic sludge come from? Inorganic sludge exists in minerals, stone processing industries, municipal construction slurry, desulfurization and denitrification products of thermal power plants, etc. 2. How can we quickly distinguish the organic content of sludge? 1). The simplest and most direct method is to use the moisture content detector to measure […]

Questions and answers on basic knowledge of sludge drying

Q: What types of sludge are generated by industry? A: Sludge is a strange existence, divided by industry, including municipal, chemical, smelting, food processing, metal processing, pharmaceutical, printing and dying sludge, etc. It is not only to distinguish the types of sludge, but also to choose a reasonable treatment method from the analysis of the […]