intelligent laboratory

At present, the global new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are accelerating the evolution, and the manufacturing industry is increasingly showing the trend of digitization, networking and intelligence. As a traditional manufacturing industry, the intelligent innovation and integration of cement industry has opened a green transformation road from resource consumption to environmental protection.


Especially in recent years, the cement industry has been trying to catch up with intelligence and has made breakthrough progress. It is worth noting that while cement enterprises continue to explore intelligence, as the backbone of China’s industrialization, equipment manufacturing enterprises are also transforming from traditional industrialization to modern industrialization. Among them, the intelligent laboratory equipment system which is expected by most cement enterprises has been booming, which will bring great changes to the production and operation mode of enterprises. What does intelligent laboratory mean for cement production? What changes can it bring to the industry?


The intelligent laboratory plays a coordinating and central role in the whole cement production process, which is of great significance. Two aspects of reducing human factors and automatic adjustment of production ingredients are elaborated


1、 Reducing human error in laboratory


Reducing human factors in laboratory can improve sampling quality and provide more accurate data for production. 1. The intelligent cement laboratory can improve the quality of sampling. In the past, if it was in a manual laboratory, sampling often had a lot of randomness, that is, human factors, such as no sampling, less sampling or missing samples, etc., which will definitely affect the whole system production. The sampling frequency of intelligent laboratory is controllable and adjustable, which can solve the problem of discontinuous and uncontrollable sampling. 2. It can provide more accurate and representative data for the quality control system. After eliminating the human error in the laboratory, the intelligent laboratory can achieve stable and efficient data acquisition and provide more accurate and representative data for production. However, due to the quality control has many links, the laboratory can not completely replace the quality control, but as a link in the whole quality system, it has a long-term guiding significance for the cement quality control and cement production operation in the production process.


2、 Automatic adjustment of production ingredients


The integrated batching software and kiln grinding expert system are combined together to provide more timely and accurate data analysis for batching production and improve the intelligent level of the whole plant through detection and analysis with neutron cross band online system. At present, the industry is subject to the limitation of capacity expansion and the arrival of the era of “quantity to quality”. In the future, China’s cement industry will be fully intelligent, and the automation laboratory will soon exceed the total number of automation laboratories in the industry in the world.