Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder


The most mature industry for ultrafine calcium carbonate powder applications is the plastics industry, which is mainly used in high-grade plastic products.It can improve the rheology of plastic masterbatch and improve its moldability. As a plastic filler, it has the function of toughening and reinforcing, improving the bending strength and bending elastic modulus, heat distortion temperature and dimensional stability of the plastic, also giving the plastic a lagging heat.

Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder is used in ink products to exhibit excellent dispersion, transparency and excellent gloss, excellent ink absorption and high dryness. Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder is used as an ink filler in resin inks, with many advantages, such as good stability, high gloss, not affecting the drying performance of printing inks,etc.


Features of ultrafine calcium carbonate powder

  • 1000 mesh
  • 1250 mesh
  • 1500 mesh
  • 2000 mesh
  • 2500 mesh
  • 3000 mesh
  • 5000 mesh
  • 6000 mesh


Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder has been applied in foreign countries for more than 50 years and is widely used in rubber, plastics, paper, chemical building materials, inks, coatings, sealants and adhesives.


  • The main application areas: PVC profiles, pipes; wire, cable jacket rubber; PVC film (calendered film) production, manufacturing footwear (such as PVC soles and decorative patches) and so on. Suitable for engineering plastics modification, PP, PE, PA, PC and so on.
  • Application characteristics: Due to the lipophilic and hydrophobic surface of activated Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder, it has good compatibility with the resin and can effectively improve or adjust the rigidity, toughness, finish and bending strength of the product; it can improve the processing performance, improve the product’s rheological properties, dimensional stability and heat-resistant stability which has the function of filling and strengthening, toughening, and can replace some of the expensive filler and save the cost, reduce the amount of resin, thereby reducing product production costs and increase market competitiveness.


The Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder has a spatial three-dimensional structure in the rubber, and has good dispersion, also has a good half-reinforcing effect.

  • Applications: natural rubber, nitrile, styrene butadiene, mixed rubber, etc., suitable for tires, hoses, tapes and seals, auto parts and other rubber products.
  • Application characteristics: After surface modification, Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder has good compatibility with rubber, and has the properties of reinforcement, filling, tinting, improvement of processing and product properties, and can make rubber easy to mix and disperse. After mixing, the gum is soft and the surface of the rubber is smooth; the elongation, tensile strength, and tear strength of the product can be substantially improved; the rate of containing gum may be reduced or the expensive white fillers such as titanium dioxide and white carbon black, etc. can be partial replaced to improve product market competitiveness.

Sealing adhesive material

  • Applications: Sealed structural adhesives such as silicone, polyflow, polyurethane, and epoxy.
  • Application characteristics: Used in the sealing adhesive material, has a good affinity with the rubber, can accelerate the cross-linking reaction of the glue, greatly improve the thixotropy of the system, enhance the dimensional stability, improve the mechanical properties of the glue, and add amount is large, to fill and reinforce the dual role. At the same time, it can make the surface of the rubber material bright and delicate.


It can be used as a pigment filler which has the advantages of fineness, uniformity, high whiteness, and good optical properties. The Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder has a steric hindrance effect. In the paint, it can make the Lid powder with a higher density of the formulation levitate and prevent sedimentation. effect. After the paint, the whiteness of the paint film increases, the gloss is high, and the hiding power does not decrease. This feature makes it widely used in the paint industry.

  • Applications: Waterborne and oily coatings.
  • Application characteristics: greatly improve the thixotropy of the system, can significantly improve the paint adhesion, scrub resistance, stain resistance, improve strength and surface finish, and has a good anti-settling effect. Partial replacement of titanium dioxide, reducing costs.


  • Applications: Suitable for lithographic offset printing inks, gravure printing inks, etc.
  • Application characteristics: The ink using Ultrafine calcium carbonate has good body and stickiness, so it has good printing performance; good stability; fast dryness and no adverse effect; because the particles are small, the printing product is smooth and the dots are complete. Can improve the ink finish, suitable for high-speed printing.


The paper industry is the most promising market for Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder.

  • Applications: Cigarette paper, recording paper, book page printing paper, high brightness coated paper, high-grade sanitary napkins, paper diapers, etc.
  • Application characteristics: The addition of Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder in papermaking can improve the paper’s bulk, apparent fineness, and water absorption; improve the strength of special paper, high-speed printing; adjust the burning speed of cigarette paper.

Other industry

Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder is used in the feed industry as a calcium supplement to increase the calcium content of feed. Used in cosmetics, due to its high purity, good whiteness and small particle size, it can partially replace titanium dioxide. Adding Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder to toothpaste can improve its extrusion performance.

With the rapid development of China’s rubber, plastics, paper, coatings, inks and other industries, product quality and industry standards continue to increase, Ultrafine calcium carbonate powder will be used in a large number of industries, replacing imported similar products.

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