oil sludge treatment technology

As oil sludge is a kind of hazardous waste with stable structure and difficult to deal with, it can not be treated by simple landfill like traditional waste. In the study of oil sludge treatment technology, we must strictly comply with the national environmental protection standards, and control the disposal cost in a reasonable range.

The existing oil sludge treatment technologies mainly include: centrifugal separation, solvent extraction, incineration and biological methods.

Processing method Processing scale Adaptability Cost Advantages Disadvantages
Centrifugal separation method Small Medium Medium Mature technology;

High separation efficiency;

Small floor area;

High energy consumption;

High equipment investment in the early stage;

The preprocessing procedure is complex;

Solvent extraction method Medium Medium  



High separation efficiency;

Short processing cycle;

Strong adaptability to oil sludge;

High energy consumption;

Complex equipment;

Secondary pollution;

Incineration method Big Good Medium Simple technology;

Recoverable heat energy;

High reduction degree;

Pretreatment required;

Secondary pollution;

Biological method Small Medium Low Low energy consumption;

Low cost;

Almost no pollution to the environment;

Large floor area;

Long processing cycle;