harmful oil sludge

The long-term storage of oil sludge will cause serious pollution to the surrounding soil, air and water, and even harm the health of the nearby residents.

The soil polluted by oil sludge may appear the phenomenon of insufficient nutrition, and oil sludge will restrict the growth of crops, hinder the germination of crop seeds, and even directly lead to the withering of crops. Due to the high viscosity of oil sludge, it will be adsorbed on the mineral tissue surface of the soil, which will eventually lead to the poor water holding capacity of the soil, and most of the harmful components in oil sludge can not be naturally degraded, which will exist in the soil for a long time.

After the pollution of soil by oil sludge, the organic branches gradually migrate and infiltrate into the groundwater. With the flow of groundwater, other water resources such as rivers and lakes are polluted and gradually accumulated.

If the nearby residents drink the polluted water or eat the polluted fish and shrimp, it will have a serious impact on their health. In particular, once PAHs in oil sludge enter the human body through food and drinking water, they will cause kidney and liver lesions and induce cancer.

As early as January 1996, due to the potential harm of oil sludge to the environment and human body, the law of the people’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution from solid waste and the law of the people’s Republic of China on the promotion of cleaner production clearly stipulated that oil sludge must be treated innocuously.