garbage crane

The garbage crane is located above the garbage pond and is mainly responsible for the feeding, handling, mixing and weighing of garbage.

Feeding: When the garbage at the inlet of the garbage gasifier is insufficient, the garbage crane grabs the garbage
The fermented garbage in the pond runs to the top of the feed inlet and feeds the feed hopper of the garbage gasifier;

Handling: transport garbage close to the discharge door to other places in the garbage pond to avoid unloading
Congestion of the door, adjust the amount of garbage in the pool so that it can store less than 7 days of garbage;

Stirring: Due to the high water content of domestic garbage and low combustion calorific value, garbage
It is necessary to stay in the garbage pond for a certain period of time, through natural draining and fermentation to reduce the water content and increase the calorific value. The mixing of old and new garbage can shorten the fermentation time. In addition, due to the complex composition of domestic waste and large changes in the content of ingredients, in order to avoid excessive fluctuations in the nature of the waste entering the furnace and to ensure the stable combustion of the waste entering the furnace, it is also necessary to stir and mix the waste in the pool;

Fetching: Take out the objects that enter the garbage pond inadvertently but are not suitable for gasification;

Weighing: In order to count the actual gasification amount of garbage, the garbage put into the inlet is weighed before the garbage is put into the inlet of the gasifier.