structure of garbage crane

The structure of the garbage crane is mainly composed of the bridge frame, the operating mechanism of the cart, the main lifting mechanism, the operating mechanism of the trolley, the grab, the weighing device and so on.

Bridge: The main beam and end beam of the bridge are in the form of box beams, which have light weight, and have high vertical and horizontal stiffness, and small wheel pressure is transmitted to the track beam;

Trolley running mechanism: The cart running device is designed on the welded box beam with corner bearing, which is connected to the end beam through a sturdy and reliable horn-type bearing, and the replacement is very convenient;

Main lifting mechanism: one motor drives four steel ropes on two drums to hoist a four-point hydraulic grab through two hard-tooth surface reducers, and the spacing between the four ropes is wide and narrow, making the grab with anti-sway characteristics , Accurate parking positioning;

Car operating mechanism: adopt centralized driving mode and “three-in-one” transmission device, with high transmission precision, light weight, good sealing, low noise and maintenance-free;

Grab: The grapple is planned to use multi-petal hydraulic grabs from foreign brands, with a low center of gravity. The connection between the crane and the grab is made of a four-point “V” arrangement, which reduces the twisting of the grab and the use of the grab and construction Collision between objects;

Weighing: A set of weighing devices (with two sensors) is set on the small frame of the garbage crane, and it has the functions of automatic peeling and semi-automatic weighing, display, accumulation, printing, etc. It is used for process measurement and overload protection.