sludge treatment status

The current status of sludge treatment and disposal in my country is:

(1) Reduction aspect

The sludge produced by the sewage treatment facilities of each unit is basically dehydrated, but the sludge digestion technology and the remaining sludge reduction technology are rarely used;

(2) Stabilization

Due to its advantages in nature, scale, technology, economy, etc., urban living sewage treatment plants generally perform necessary stabilization of sludge, mainly alkali stabilization. Enterprise point source facilities generally do not stabilize sludge;

(3) Recycling

At present, the utilization of various types of sludge in my country is still in the initial stage of exploration.

Most of the sludge from urban sewage treatment plants is disposed of in landfills. Among them, some are specialized landfills, and some are mixed landfills with municipal waste. A small part is used for agricultural disposal, including returning to the field after stabilization and returning to the field after composting. Some are also incinerated. The amount of sludge from enterprise point source facilities is relatively small and the cost of disposal is relatively high. Basically, it is handled by the enterprise itself.

Depending on the nature of the sludge, the disposal methods are more diverse.

In general, the state of sludge treatment and disposal in my country is still in its infancy, and there is still a big gap with the international advanced level. With the continuous progress of environmental protection technology, China’s sludge treatment and disposal technology will gradually catch up with the development trend of international sludge disposal, from landfilling to incineration, land utilization, building materials utilization and other comprehensive utilization methods. .

With the increase in the amount of urban sewage discharge and the increase in treatment rate in my country, the output of sludge has increased significantly, and the treatment and disposal of sludge is facing new challenges. Therefore, there is an urgent need to seek solutions based on my country’s national conditions and the characteristics of sludge. The sludge should be turned into usable materials under the principles of “reduction, stabilization, harmlessness, and resource utilization” to realize resource recycling and promote the development of circular economy. As the country attaches great importance to environmental protection and increases its investment, sludge treatment and disposal technology will surely be further developed and improved.