Introduction to the technology of upgrading the production of the preheater of Luoyang Building Material and Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.:

1. Transformation of kiln to increase speed
According to the requirement of increasing the output, without changing the diameter and length of the rotary kiln, by increasing the speed of the rotary kiln, so as to increase the firing output;

2. Reformation of calciner
By enlarging the diameter of the calciner and increasing the height of the calciner, the volume of the calciner is increased;

3. Expansion and transformation of smoke chamber
Increase the flow size of the smoke chamber, replace the dispersing disc to increase the feed volume, modify the kiln tail seal, and reduce the air flow;

4. Expansion and resistance reduction transformation
Enlarge the size of the inlet and outlet, reduce the wind speed, and reduce the resistance; increase the volume, increase the gas-solid heat exchange time; optimize the length of the inner cylinder, and reduce the outlet temperature;

5. Cross flow transformation
Through the transformation of the preheaters C1 and C2, the air outlet of the cyclone is changed to the lower air outlet, which increases the heat exchange time between the material and the wind, and forms the cross-flow heat exchange of the two-stage cyclone, thereby improving the heat exchange efficiency;

6. Reduce heat loss transformation
Adopt new nano material heat insulation board and nano heat insulation coating to reduce the heat dissipation of the cyclone and kiln shell.