Paper making sludge

First, the development trend

1. Preparation of activated carbon
The sludge is rich in internal pore structure and is a good material for the preparation of activated carbon. Through the pyrolysis treatment, the sludge can be made into a carbonaceous adsorbent. The carbonaceous adsorbent under this process has lighter texture, more internal pores, strong adsorption capacity, and low cost of sludge activated carbon, which not only solves the sludge. The pollution problem has also realized the utilization of sludge resources.

2. Preparation of ethanol
Sludge can be used as a raw material for ethanol fermentation. Ethanol is subject to certain constraints in terms of production due to major raw material problems. At the same time, since most of the main raw materials are crops, pretreatment is required to be put into production, which greatly increases production costs. The sludge does not need to be pretreated, saving costs while saving energy.

3. Hydrogen production
At present, foreign countries are studying sludge production technology for hydrogen production. The use of organic matter in paper sludge for biohydrogen production produces hydrogen that can generate electricity and form electrical energy. Compared with the traditional power generation technology, the sludge hydrogen production power generation technology is more advanced, and the electric energy output is higher, which has certain advantages.

4, processing briquette
Studies have shown that the use of sludge cohesiveness can support anthracite coal and process coal. When the sludge is treated at high temperature, it can effectively improve the internal pore structure of the briquette and reduce the amount of residual carbon in the ash. At the same time, the sludge briquette has strong pressure resistance and good stability, and the sludge briquette does not cause secondary pollution.

Second, the treatment utilization plan
At present, China is still in the exploration and research on the utilization of paper solid waste. Both the application technology and the processing mode have a certain gap with foreign countries, and there is also a huge room for improvement.

From a macro perspective, China needs to continuously strengthen the environmental awareness of enterprises, improve the technical level of solid waste utilization, and improve the overall proportion of solid waste resource utilization, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of solid waste pollution.

From the perspective of national policies, the state should formulate corresponding support policies to provide certain technical support, policy support and promotion support in the treatment and utilization of solid waste in the paper industry, in order to achieve a sustainable development path for the paper industry.

At present, China’s problems in the solid waste treatment of paper industry are mainly due to the low utilization rate, general treatment technology and small promotion scope. The future development trend of solid waste treatment should be biased towards the two directions of reduction and industrialization of resource utilization. The recycling technology of solid waste requires the joint efforts of experts and scholars from all walks of life.