oil sludge

Oil sludge can be classified into two categories according to the treatment technology characteristics: The first type is oil sludge treatment technology based on harmless treatment, including oil sludge filling method, oil sludge solidification method, and oil sludge. Biological treatment method, oil sludge control and re-injection method; the second category is oil-based sludge treatment technology based on resource treatment, including oil sludge extraction method, oil sludge incineration method, oil sludge oxidation Hot washing method, oil sludge pyrolysis method, etc.

A comparison of various oil processing techniques is shown in the table below:

Processing technology Advantages Disadvantages

Oil sludge harmless treatment technology

Oil sludge landfill disposal technology The treatment process is simple and rapid, the operation cost is low, and the operation and management are simple; Occupy land resources, easily cause secondary pollution, and cannot recover oil resources;
Oil sludge solidification treatment technology Mature technology, simple operation and good processing effect; A large amount of high-energy curing agent is required, and the characteristics of the treatment sludge are high;
Oil sludge biological treatment technology Simple operation, energy saving, almost no need to add chemical reagents, and little pollution to the environment; Long treatment period, unable to recover oil resources, unsuitable for handling high oil content sludge;
Oil sludge profile control technology Improved the effect of water injection development and improved oil recovery rate; High requirements on sludge characteristics, mainly limited to the treatment of oil field sludge;
Oil sludge resource treatment technology Oil sludge solvent extraction technology The process is simple, the energy consumption is small, and most of the oil phase in the sludge can be recovered; The loss of extractant greatly increases the cost and pollutes the environment;
Oil sludge incineration treatment technology The realization of the maximum reduction of sludge, the treatment of sludge is more thorough, applicable to all kinds of sludge; The investment is large, the operation is complicated, and the incineration process is prone to secondary pollution caused by dioxin, toxic and harmful fumes, dust, etc.;
Oil sludge chemical hot washing technology Simple operation, low energy consumption, and recovery of most of the oil resources; Incomplete treatment, secondary pollution caused by treated wastewater;
Oil sludge pyrolysis treatment technology Handle thoroughly, recover the oil resources, obtain flammable gas at the same time, and have almost no secondary pollution; The investment is complicated, the processing cost is high, the energy consumption is large, and the residual oil cannot be used;