4 different types of oil sludge

Oil sludge has been included in the HW08 waste mineral oil in the Hazardous Waste List. The composition of oil sludge is very complex, and it contains a large amount of aged crude oil, solid suspended solids, salts, bacteria, corrosion products and the like. The slag-containing rate and oil-bearing rate of oil sludges from different sources and different types are very different, and the physical and chemical properties are also very different. The physical and chemical properties of oil-soil mixing are important reference for the treatment process. It is necessary to analyze different types of oil sludge. It is very important to study the physical and chemical properties of different types of oil sludge.

In order to more comprehensively characterize the physical and chemical properties of various types of oil sludge, special research and analysis are carried out for four different types of oil sludge. The four types of oil-bearing sludge are: oilfield floor sludge, petrochemical plant tank bottom sludge, petrochemical refinery water treatment station sludge and oil field production of mixed sludge. The following figure is a real shot of the above four oil sludge samples.

From the appearance, the four oil sludges are dark brown and viscous solid, with typical pungent oil odor. The oil floor mud is a fluffy porous structure, and large particles of mud and sand are visible. The sludge is more fluid than the other three types of sludge. The four types of sludge are emulsified structures in which water, oil and slag are intertwined. The bottom of the tank and the oil sludge are placed for a long time, and the surface is oozing.

The main instruments and related specifications used in the pyrolysis treatment of oil sludge are shown in the table below.

Instrument Model / Specification
Muffle furnace KSL-1200X-J
Organic element analyzer VARIO EL cube
Automatic calorimeter DY-ZDHW-6
Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer 7700 Series
Gas Chromatograph Agilent 7890A
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer LAB CENTRE XRF-1800
X-ray diffractometer D8FOCUS
Thermogravimetric differential thermal analyzer STA7300