In recent years, China’s economy has entered a period of rapid development, the pace of urban transformation is accelerating, and the way of collecting municipal solid waste is also changing. In different countries and regions, the collection methods of municipal solid waste are very different. The level of economy and the importance of sanitation have a great impact on the collection of municipal solid waste. In economically developed countries and cities, the collection methods of municipal solid waste are relatively more standardized, efficient and sanitary.
Classification of Domestic Waste Collection Ways
At present, there are two main ways to collect municipal solid waste: mixed collection and classified collection.
1) Mixed collection
Mixed Collection refers to the collection method of mixed municipal solid waste without any treatment. The advantages of this method are simple, easy to operate and low operating costs. However, due to the mixing of various garbage in the collection process, the purity and reuse value of useful substances in garbage are reduced. At the same time, the difficulty of municipal solid waste treatment is increased, and the total cost of municipal solid waste treatment is increased. This method is widely used and has a long history.

2) Classified collection
Classified Collection refers to the way of collecting municipal solid waste according to its components. This method can improve the purity and quantity of recycled materials, reduce the amount of garbage to be treated, and is conducive to the recycling and reduction of municipal solid waste.
Classified collection has many advantages. It is the premise of reducing waste treatment cost, simplifying treatment process and realizing comprehensive utilization of waste. However, the practice of classified collection of municipal garbage in various countries shows that this is a rather complicated and difficult work. Only by effective publicity and education, legislation and the provision of necessary conditions for classified collection of garbage, can urban residents be actively encouraged to take the initiative to classify and store garbage and carefully organize the work of classified collection, can the promotion of classified collection of garbage be promoted. Continue to develop.
At present, the most popular way of municipal solid waste treatment in China is pyrolysis and gasification of refuse. Using rotary retort equipment, the original ecological waste can be directly treated without sorting.