In recent years, China attaches great importance to the environmental protection industry. As one of the effective ways to centralize the disposal of domestic waste, incineration of domestic waste is gradually emerging in large cities with developed economy and scarce land resources. Municipal solid waste incineration treatment is to use high-temperature oxidation to treat domestic waste, burning domestic waste at high temperature, so that combustible waste in domestic waste can be converted into carbon dioxide and water, which is currently recognized by many cities as one of the waste treatment technologies.
Waste incinerators are widely used to destroy industrial wastes and incinerate complex dry and wet mixed wastes such as sludge. Rotary incinerator not only has the advantages of direct disposal of garbage (without pretreatment) in grate furnace and full contact of material and air in fluidized bed incinerator, but also avoids the shortcoming of high maintenance cost caused by frequent replacement of grate furnace.

Advantages of MSW Incinerator:

1. Less land area: only 20-30 square meters, can effectively reduce the occupation of land by landfill;
2. It has good efficiency. New refractory and material can be burned uniformly in the furnace. The heat preservation and insulation materials make the furnace have good heat preservation performance, reduce energy consumption, improve the heat utilization rate and completely burn garbage.
3. Advanced flue gas treatment: perfect environmental protection technology, increase efficient cyclone dust removal equipment system, ensure smoke-free, odorless, non-secondary hazard flue gas treatment technology;
4. Low operating and maintenance costs: Maintenance staff only need one worker to operate, low operating costs, simple and convenient. After electronic ignition, there is no need for any combustion aids, which conforms to the concept of “low carbon environmental protection”;
5. High combustion efficiency: Because of the special technology, domestic waste can be burned in the furnace only by simple sorting, burning fully and completely, and can incinerate garbage and waste organic matter into ash in a short time. After combustion, the volume of residue is reduced by about 90% compared with the original volume, and the weight is reduced by 90%~95%. 90% of the residue can be used as green fertilizer for seedlings, and the remaining 5%~10% can be used to make unburned bricks or as landfills for construction projects.
6. Long service life of equipment: furnace body adopts a series of process treatment, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life;
7. Automation control: secondary incineration plus precise temperature control, burner selection of imported parts, on demand can use automatic temperature control, easy to operate;
8. Wide scope of application: wide range of garbage disposal, can handle industrial garbage, domestic garbage, hospital garbage waste, waste rubber tires and so on.
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