The basic principle of biomass gasification power generation technology is to convert biomass into combustible gas, and then use the combustible gas to push gas power generation equipment to generate electricity. It can solve the shortcomings of biomass that is difficult to burn and distributed, and can fully take advantage of the compactness and low pollution of gas power technology equipment, so it is one of the most effective and cleanest utilization methods of biomass energy.

The gasification power generation process includes three aspects. One is the gasification of biomass, which converts solid biomass into gaseous fuel. The other is gas purification. The gasified gas has certain impurities, including ash, coke and tar. The impurities need to be removed through a purification system to ensure the normal operation of gas power generation equipment. Third, gas power generation uses gas turbines or gas internal combustion engines for power generation. Some processes can increase waste heat boilers and steam turbines in order to improve power generation efficiency.

Biomass gasification power generation technology is a unique way to use biomass energy that is different from other renewable energy sources.

biomass green energy

It has three characteristics:

First, the technology has sufficient flexibility. Because biomass gasification power generation can use internal combustion engines, it can also Gas turbines are used, and even combined with waste heat boilers and steam power generation systems, so biomass gasification power generation can choose appropriate power generation equipment according to the size of the scale to ensure reasonable power generation efficiency at any scale. The flexible performance of this technology satisfies the characteristics of the decentralized utilization of biomass.

Second, it has good cleanliness. Biomass itself is a renewable energy source, which can effectively reduce the emission of harmful gases such as CO2 and SO2. The temperature of the gasification process is generally low (about 700-900 ° C), and the amount of NOx generated is very small, so it can effectively control the NOx emissions;

Third, it is economics, and the flexibility of biomass gasification power generation technology can ensure the The technology is effective and economical at a small scale. At the same time, the gas power generation process is simple and the equipment is compact. It also makes biomass gasification power generation technology smaller than other renewable energy power generation technologies.

Therefore, in general, biomass gasification power generation Technology is the most economical power generation technology of all renewable energy technologies, and the comprehensive power generation cost is close to the power generation level of small conventional energy sources.