sludge disposal

1. The sludge disposal plan determines the sludge disposal cost
Nowadays, China’s sludge disposal program tends to be sludge resource utilization, and sludge composting, sludge incineration heating power generation, sludge brick making, and cement making are the mainstream. At the time of the sludge disposal plan, the approximate sludge treatment cost range is basically determined. For example, sludge landfill includes sludge drying, sludge transportation costs, landfill use fees, etc., the landfill disposal cost of the standard is about 200 yuan / ton; sludge incineration is about 100-300 yuan / ton, But it is accompanied by high resource value; sludge composting treatment costs are 90-150 yuan / ton.

2. Composition of disposal costs during sludge disposal
In the sludge disposal process, the disposal costs include sludge transportation costs, site costs, and sludge drying costs. The sludge drying costs include electricity charges, depreciation costs of sludge treatment equipment, workers’ wages, and management expenses. Due to the different sources of sludge in the sludge treatment project, if there is sludge near the sewage treatment plant, the transportation cost is low, and some sludge is transported from a remote place, so there are some differences in this part.

3. The selected sludge treatment equipment has a great impact on the overall cost.
For example, if the selected sludge treatment equipment consumes very little energy, it will save a lot of money for sludge disposal projects with a daily treatment capacity of more than 100 tons. There are also many sludge treatment production lines for automated sludge treatment equipment that require only one person to supervise. In today’s labor cost increase, the cost of sludge treatment is virtually saved. Another example, if the company chooses deep dewatering equipment, not only will the volume of sludge be reduced, but the transportation costs and sludge disposal costs will be reduced accordingly.

The sludge is mainly produced after the wastewater treatment. In the early stage, the heavy water and light mud were used. As the country pays attention to sludge pollution, the sludge treatment market is also expanding year by year. The sludge drying and reduction technology was introduced, which reduced the sludge treatment cost to 40%, which greatly reduced the processing cost of the enterprise.