sludge bricks

“In addition to incineration of power generation and fertilizer production, dirty and smelly sludge can also be transformed into an environmentally friendly building material through automated production.” The construction of a comprehensive sludge production line allows more sludge to be comprehensively utilized. New technologies open up new ways of ecological governance.

“Slimy and smelly sludge is originally a pollutant and harms the environment, but it becomes a resource after harmless drying, and has a variety of uses.” Sludge drying is a key link, not only energy consumption and high cost , And improper handling will cause secondary pollution. If the kiln waste heat is used to achieve drying treatment in a sealed environment, good results can be achieved with waste treatment and energy saving.

Into the sludge brick production plant, you can’t smell the smell of sludge, only see one after another closed workshop, even the conveyor belt for material transportation is also installed in accordance with environmental standards Closed facilities. In the production workshop of the sludge storage tank, the black-pressed sludge was transported by a fully enclosed professional vehicle the night before. Enter the aging warehouse and aging. The aged materials are refined into mud. After various processes such as brick extruder, blank cutting machine, ring blank conveying machine, yard robot, etc., they finally enter the tunnel kiln for drying, preheating, roasting, Cool and burn into bricks.

In recent years, with the increase in the number of sewage treatment plants and the expansion and upgrading, the sewage treatment capacity has also increased significantly, and the resulting sludge volume has also increased.

According to environmental protection requirements, the scientific and standardized harmless treatment standards for sewage sludge are becoming more and more strict. In the past, simple harmless landfills are no longer applicable, and sludge disposal has embarked on the road of comprehensive utilization of resources . The brick and tile factory made sludge into ecological and environmentally friendly building materials through new technologies, which reduced the land and natural resource consumption occupied by the sludge landfill, and achieved the effects of saving energy, protecting the environment, improving economic benefits, and realizing solid waste disposal. “Win-win” approach.

All processes and processes for the comprehensive utilization of sludge disposal resources have corresponding environmental protection disposal facilities in operation. At present, 700 tons of sludge can be absorbed every day, and the comprehensive utilization rate of sludge reaches more than 99%. Under the high temperature firing of 950℃-1050℃, the organic matter in the sludge is carbonized, and the harmful heavy metals are solidified in the brick, which will not cause secondary pollution. The flue gas has been harmlessly treated in advance to achieve zero emissions, and the odor is sent to the terminal by the negative pressure pumping system for dust removal, deodorization and other treatments to meet the purification standard.