Most of the oil contained in the sludge is difficult to biodegrade and requires sludge treatment equipment. Many studies have demonstrated the efficient treatment of oil-bearing soils by bioremediation, but only for pollutants with high oil content. Most of the experiments were conducted in the laboratory, and there were few applications in the industry. Bioremediation has only just begun, and this means advanced processing technology.

First, sludge treatment equipment

(1) Sludge solidification mixing station

It adopts advanced industrial computer control system to realize the automatic ratio of loess, sludge, cement and lime. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, good reliability, uniform mixing, convenient operation, good environmental protection, high production efficiency and low failure rate. It is especially suitable for continuous operation and is an ideal equipment for sludge treatment in sewage treatment plants.

(2) Mud separation and dehydrator

Compared with the plate and frame filter press: the machine has the advantages of large processing capacity, good separation performance, strong adaptability, low labor intensity, stable performance, convenient installation and operation, small floor space, low maintenance cost, etc. Continuous automatic separation.

(3) Decanter centrifuge

The horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge (referred to as the horizontal screw centrifuge) is a device for separating the suspension by the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. For solid phase particle equivalent diameter = 3um, weight concentration ratio: 10% or volume concentration ratio = 70%, liquid-solid specific gravity difference: 0.05g / cm3 of various suspensions are suitable for liquid-solid separation or particles using this type of centrifuge Grading.

(4) Belt type sludge dewatering machine

The belt sludge dewatering machine is a high-efficiency dewatering equipment developed by China from the United States. It can be continuously digested and filtered. The product is made of high-strength materials. It has high processing capacity and high dehydration efficiency. Significant characteristics such as long life. Products are widely used in environmental treatment, vegetable processing and other industries that need to be pressed and dehydrated.

(5) Solar heat pump technology sludge treatment equipment

The system mainly uses clean energy such as solar energy and geothermal energy as the heat source for sludge drying. It can dry the slurry with water content above 80 to dry material with water content below 35, saving electricity, saving coal and protecting the environment. The whole system is automated remote. Control, effectively reducing the cost of sludge treatment and disposal, providing a low-carbon environmental protection solution for sludge treatment and disposal.

The system includes a greenhouse section, a conveying section, a venting section, a heat collecting section (including a solar heat collecting system and a heat pump system), an automatic control section, and other ancillary devices such as harmful gas collection and deodorization.

Using solar energy as the main energy source to meet the needs of sustainable development; low energy consumption, low operating management costs, evaporation of 1t water consumption is only 60-80kW•h, while traditional thermal drying technology consumes 800-1060kW •h; after drying, the sludge volume can be reduced to 1/3-1/5, stabilized and retain its original reuse value; system operation is stable, safe, and dust generation is small; automation High degree of operation, convenient operation and maintenance, long service life; high system transparency and good environmental coordination.

Second, the composition of the sludge treatment equipment system

(1) Sludge conveying system

It consists of a receiving bin, a screw feeder, a flapper valve, a sludge pump and a pipe. The hydraulic system of the whole system uses Italian pumps and valves. The screw feeder and the silo are connected by a plug-in valve for easy maintenance. The pusher adopts the design of S swing tube. The mud cake with about 85% water content is discharged into the silo by the truck, fed into the hydraulic pusher through the screw feeder, and the pusher transports the sludge from the pipeline. The whole process has no peculiar smell, so that long distance can be realized without polluting the environment. Large lift delivery. The pipeline can be flexibly set according to the building structure, the delivery volume is accurate, and the communication interface is equipped for remote control. Traditional conveying methods such as belts and buckets can also be used.

(2) Greenhouse heating system

The utility model is composed of a solar collector, a hot water tank, a constant temperature water tank and a PLC control, and the hot water tank is connected with the tap water supply pipe, the water source electromagnetic valve is provided on the tap water supply pipe, and the water level sensor is arranged in the hot water tank; According to the water level signal output by the water level sensor, the water source solenoid valve is controlled to open and close, so as to automatically replenish the water collecting tank to achieve regular and quantitative water supply, and the water quantity in the water collecting tank can be controlled according to actual conditions. The safety of the system is ensured by the release of steam through a safety venting valve and the control of the heat supply area of ​​the collector array through the heating control valve.

(3) Greenhouse system

It consists of a greenhouse main body, an internal thermal insulation part, a ventilation part, a heating part, and a weather station. The main body of the greenhouse is the Wenluo Sunshine Greenhouse, and the sun-opening insulating glass. Use insulation curtains to reduce the loss of radiant heat. The ventilation adopts a fan, and the top adopts a butterfly-shaped staggered window to realize automatic switching according to indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity and illuminance.

(4) Sludge muddy cloth system

It consists of a sludge paver, a screw feeder, a belt conveyor, a dry silo, a harmful gas detector, and an industrial monitoring system. The automatic mud-turning machine is a variable frequency motor, which can automatically adjust the mud turning speed, so that the sludge can be evenly turned, and the surface can be refurbished and evaporated. In the process, it also plays a role in supplying oxygen to the sludge, avoiding the local anaerobic bacteria in the sludge to release the malodorous gas. The system is equipped with H2S and NH3 detectors for real-time monitoring.

(5) Control system

The automatic control system adopts the basic control mode of configuration software + PLC. The upper computer realizes the monitoring and control of each device through communication with PLC and intelligent instrument. PLC can run independently through internal program. The upper computer adopts Taiwan Advantech industrial computer, and the production process route can be simulated and displayed on the computer interface. The process parameter point data can realize the computer interface display, adjustment, setting, and enter the program. The process operation parameters can be randomly selected and printed, and the fault monitoring can realize the fault point, the fault type, the instantaneous recording and alarm function of the occurrence time. The smart meter is configured to record the energy consumption data of the drying process in real time and to convert the drying cost.