carbonization rotary kiln

As the core component of the power transmission, the large ring gear of the rotary kiln is fixed on the cylinder of the rotary kiln through the spring plate, and drives the rotary kiln to drive stably and accurately under the driving of the pinion. After the core component is in operation for several years, the tooth profile will be worn and the running accuracy will be deteriorated, which will cause vibration and other undesirable phenomena, which will not only damage the foundation but also adversely affect the fire brick in the kiln. In order to ensure the good operation of the rotary kiln, the large ring gear must be used on the reverse side or directly replaced. For the convenience of replacement, the following method steps are listed for the replacement.

Rotary kiln big ring gear replacement steps

1. Prepare for the technology before replacement. Diligently digest the drawings and prepare the construction plan including the construction steps and technical requirements of the process.

2. Prepare for the substance. According to the construction plan, prepare various tools and required materials.

3. Be prepared for the staff. Refer to the plan and prepare all personnel including technology and labor.

4. After cleaning the new ring gear according to the plan, measure the item size, make a record, and repair and correct the detected discomfort.

5. After reviewing the dimensions of each part, the large ring gear should be pre-grouped and the dimensions of each part should be measured. The next process can be carried out without problems.

6. After the kiln is shut down for cooling, first remove the gear cover and place it in a safe place.

7. Properly clean the oil track, measure the radial and end face run of the large ring gear and the barrel of the slow drive, and record the data of the corresponding position.

8. Turn the two joint faces of the old large ring gear to the horizontal position, and then use the crane to hang the upper part of the large ring gear. After checking the problem, remove the spring plate and the ring gear pin and check the pin wear. Situation, prepare new sales. After that, the joint bolt and the positioning pin can be removed, and the upper half ring gear is slowly lifted off the scene.

9. Attach the new half-ring gear that has been prepared to the pair of old ring gears in the lower half, including the spring plate and ring gear, the joint bolts and pins of the new and old ring gears.

10. Slowly turn the kiln, turn the lower old ring gear to the upper part, remove it in the same way and place it in the right place.

11. Lift half of the new ring gear and connect to the new front ring gear.

12. After the new large ring gear is installed in place, replace the worn spring plate and the ring gear pin according to the preparation of the pin.

13. Start the slow drive and measure the radial runout and end face runout of the ring gear. And the maximum jump is transferred to the meshing gear and the tip clearance is measured. Ensure that the tip clearance is 1mm larger than the theoretical gap, the tooth width contact is not less than 70%, and the tooth height contact is not less than 40%. And the large ring gear is located in the middle of the pinion. (can be based on the specific location of the kiln)

14. If the radial runout, end face runout, gear contact, etc. of the large ring gear are checked within the control range, the gear cover is replaced and the replacement work is completed.

15. If during the inspection, the large ring gear is bouncing and the end face is out of tolerance, according to the specific situation, several jacks should be used between the cylinder and the ring gear to remove the spring pin, and the disk kiln is aligned and passed through the jack. Loosely adjust the beating condition until it is qualified, then cut off the spring plate and pin the pin head. After the pin and the ring gear and the spring plate spring plate are put on, they can be welded firmly. If the contact of the large and small gears does not meet the requirements, it can be solved by adjusting the kiln.

16. The 15th item in the article can be carried out simultaneously with the front installation and correction. It can be adjusted according to the actual situation on site, and other processes can also be interspersed.