With the development and progress of society, industry, and technology, after many years of enjoying the benefits of plastic functionality and economy, mankind has now come to the stage of emphasizing higher standards of health, safety and recycling. We have only one earth, and every country and every individual should start from now and from me.

As the largest developing country in the world, China is actively fulfilling its responsibilities as a major country and doing its utmost to achieve a balance of functionality, economy, health and safety, and cyclicality. If this is done well, China will truly achieve a leading role commensurate with its own conditions and status.

On the other hand, China’s plastic pollution control work cannot surpass its own development stage. Only efforts that are in line with national conditions and are committed to balancing functionality, economy, health and safety, and cyclicality will not float in the air too idealistically, and truly achieve results.

China’s efforts in plastic pollution control will have far-reaching impact. At present, the EU has been actively promoting international cooperation in plastics governance, hoping to play a leading role at the international level, promote the conclusion of a global plastics agreement, and promote the EU’s methods in the field of plastic recycling economy. Japan also expects to spread its technology, innovation, and environmental infrastructure on plastics treatment to the world. As the world’s largest country in the production and consumption of plastics, China will not only solve its own problems, but will also play an irreplaceable role in the global plastic governance cooperation.