Biomass particles

Biomass pellets are a new type of clean fuel. It is a kind of fuel with certain density and calorific value requirement by processing biomass with biomass wood pellet machine; using agricultural and forestry waste (such as straw, wood chips, bagasse, etc.) as raw material, after crushing and baking Processes such as drying, mixing, and extrusion are used to form a shaped particulate fuel.

What is the difference between biomass particles and other energy sources? Take 1 ton of water per hour from 10°C to 43°C (need to absorb the energy consumption of 33,112 kcal heat) as an example, comparing the heat value, utilization rate, and cost of use.

Energy source Energy consumption Energy unit price Heat value Utilization rate The cost Remarks
Electricity 39.7kw RMB1.0/kwh 860kcal 97% 39.7 Extremely expensive;
Light diesel oil 3.7kg RMB8.0/kg 10500kcal 85% 29.7 High cost;
Natural gas 4.9m3 RMB 3.5/m3 8000kcal 85% 17 High account opening fee; Restricted by geographical area;
Air source water heater 39.7kw RMB 1.0/kg 860kcal 97% 11.7 Expensive equipment; limited in winter, only electricity;
Traditional coal 8.8kg RMB 1.0/kg 5000kcal 70% 9.5 High pollution; Insufficient fuel;
Biomass particles 8.6kg RMB 1.0/kg 4300kcal 90% 8.6 Government support; no pollution,high utilization rate, low cost;

How can we use biomass pellets effectively? Biomass gasification power generation technology can use biomass pellets for gasification and power generation. The biomass gasification power generation technology can gasify the biomass particles through the rotary dry distillation furnace, extract the hydrocarbon materials, convert them into biomass gas, and after purifying and cooling, enter the gas generator set to generate electricity. The search for biomass gasification power generation can not only solve the effective use of renewable energy, but also solve the environmental pollution of various organic wastes. It is for these reasons that biomass gasification power generation technology has been increasingly researched and applied, and is becoming more and more perfect.From the above table, it can be concluded that biomass particle energy not only has high calorific value, high utilization rate, low cost of use, and environmental protection.