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Technical Characteristics of Domestic Waste Utilization Incinerator Treatment

In recent years, China attaches great importance to the environmental protection industry. As one of the effective ways to centralize the disposal of domestic waste, incineration of domestic waste is gradually emerging in large cities with developed economy and scarce land resources. Municipal solid waste incineration treatment is to use high-temperature oxidation to treat domestic […]

Classification of biomass gasification power generation technology

Biomass gasification power generation can use biomass materials such as agricultural and forestry waste, aquatic plants, oil plants, urban and industrial organic waste, and animal waste. The sources of raw materials are wide, the power generation equipment is diverse, and the scale of power generation varies, which has led to the diversification of gasification technology. […]

Biomass power plant requirements for flue gas denitration systems

The flue gas denitration technology equipment of the biomass power plant is used for removing the process system equipment of the nitrogen oxides in the flue gas after the dust removal and desulfurization of the biomass-fired power plant boiler, including the equipment directly related to the process and the auxiliary equipment attached to the process. […]

What kinds of equipment are suitable for small-scale domestic waste disposal?

At present, there are three types of small-scale domestic refuse organic combustible waste treatment furnaces, including mechanical grate, rotary kiln retorting and pyrolysis gasifier. 1 .mechanical grate incinerator The mechanical grate incinerator uses layered combustion technology, which has the advantages of low requirement for garbage pretreatment, wide adaptability to garbage calorific value and simple operation […]

Brief Introduction of Heavy Calcium Technology and Equipment Technical Performance

Ⅰ.Raymond Mill+Classifier Technology Raymond mill is a kind of crushing, which uses motor to drive the roller and centrifugal force to press the materials under low-speed conditions. It is accompanied by intermittent impact crushing. Raymond Mill has great advantages in terms of investment and energy consumption in the production of products below 400 mesh. However, […]

The Signification of temperature between Preheating Time and Calcination Time in Activated Lime Production

In order to promote the development of active lime technology and provide good service, through long-term sampling experiments, a large number of practical production process control data were finally obtained, including the research of limestone calcination active lime preheating, calcination optimum time, calcination optimum temperature and other levels of diversification.   According to the experimental […]

Perfect Performance of Cement Rotary Kiln Co-processing Waste Treatment

The global cement industry is pursuing the harmonious coexistence of environmental protection and cement production. Using cement rotary kiln to treat municipal solid waste synergistically has always been the common goal of the industry to achieve the ultimate reuse of waste resources. In the process of industrialization and urbanization in China, in order to meet […]

Indonesia oil sand pyrolysis characteristics

Oil sands are sedimentary sands rich in natural bitumen and are therefore also referred to as “asphalt sands”. China’s energy structure is rich in coal, lean in oil, and low in gas. Oil sands are unconventional oil and gas resources. The reserves are second only to coal. After oil sands are dry distillation, pyrolysis oil […]